COW TRACKER’S JOURNAL: Keeping It All Together, 118-Page 8x10 Journal
Keep all your cow notes in one convenient place
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This journal provides sections for up to 12 cows, each one clearly labeled with places for information like: name, breed, identifying marks, age, illnesses, treatments, and many other useful items you will want to track. Each section also includes extra pages for notes, photos, and observations, making a fun and easy to use journal for your cow owning adventure!

This journal will help you to keep track of:
• names, breeds, colors/markings, dates acquired
•Cow's weight, milk
•Best feeds, temperament
•Quirks, illnesses, injuries, remedies
•Notes, observations, anecdotes
•Photos and illustrations, and much more

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"Great for 4-H projects." - Naomi L.

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