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Goose Tracker Journal Info Page

Keep all your Duck's notes in one convenient place. This 118-page 8x10 journal provides sections for up to 12 ducks, each one clearly labeled with places for information like: name, breed, identifying marks, age, illnesses, treatments, and many other useful items you will want to track. Each section also includes extra pages for notes, photos, and observations, making a fun and easy to use journal for your duck owning adventure!

This journal will allow you to keep track of:
•Your ducks names, breeds, colors/markings, dates acquired
•Egg production, duck’s weight (gains and losses)
•Best feeds, favorite nesting areas, temperament
•Quirks, illnesses, injuries, remedies
•Notes, observations, anecdotes
•Photos and illustrations, and much more.

"I was excited to find a journal with the Toulouse goose on it's cover. Though it's great for my other goose records as well." - Jim W.

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