Unicorns and Orchids, Vyolet, With A "Y"


" ...just snuggled up under a blanket with a good cup of tea: could not put it down." - F.

Book One- Vyolet, With A "Y"

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"What a delightfully whimsical book! I enjoyed the characters and situations, and look forward to the next book." - Marsha W.

What's being said about this novel:

When fifteen-year old  Vyolet decides to take a shortcut through the woods near her high school, she finds more than she planned for.

 A bump on the head sends her into a world she isn't sure she can believe in, let alone survive.

If you love fantasy novels, you'll want to add this one to you're collection. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. The descriptive writing puts the reader right into the story. There was a lot of action during the story. One thing I especially enjoyed was the first person writing." - Amazon reader